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Back in 1999, a couple of friends and I got hooked by the world of whisky. At the time our knowledge of whisky was very limited, and we had no idea what we liked best. Due to the vast number of whiskies and our limited budget it would take forever for each of us to acquire this knowledge on his own. In order to address this problem we decided to regularly organise our own nosing & tasting sessions at which everybody would contribute their own bottle. This site was put together to give each of us easy access to the data acquired during these sessions.

Over the years we've attended several festivals and participated in various tastings other than our own sessions. All of which helped us to further develop our passion for the dram. As a result, the amount of unique whiskies we've tasted has reached a total of 2661. It's an number thought to be far out of reach when we started, although it only took us a measly 6448 days to break the barrier of 2000 whiskies.

Even though this site represents our personal opinion about the whiskies discussed here, we hope you'll find it useful in your own quest for the ultimate whisky.
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