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Nikka - ニッカ
Whisky: Nikka Pure Malt Black - ピュアモルトブラック
Serie: Nikka Pure Malt
Age: NAS
Type: Blended malt
Strength: 43%
Distillery: Yoichi Distillery - 余市蒸留所
Country: Japan
Date: 11-11-2006
Nose: Vanilla, some smoke, caramel.
Flavour: Salty liquorice, smoky, something red darkish like in the background.
Body: Fatty, dry, a finish hardly worth mentioning.
Comments: One of a series of whiskies in which each has it's own little twist. A pleasant way to start the evening before switching to something better.
Rating: ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ +--- ---- ---- ---- (6.25)
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